LeBron James fires a dig at ‘unintelligent’ young players

The podcast of LeBron James e JJ Redick gave so many interesting insights right from the first episode, What Makes a Great Basketball Player?.

In a few hours Mind the Game, the format in which the Re and the current columnist of ESPN talk basketball over a bottle of wine, has already racked up millions of views. Then again, it’s a real pleasure to listen to two over-the-top minds ranging over many aspects of basketball. LeBron talked about how Allen Iverson e Stephen Curry have changed the history of the game, after which the conversation shifted to more technical aspects. In particular, the concept of understanding of the game and the so-called basketball intelligence, an aspect that is increasingly rare to find in younger players.

Redick said that nowadays many struggle to even make a tip-in without the coach first drawing it on the board. And James joined the chorus, praising his former partner in this regard Rajon Rondo.

The fastest mind I’ve ever encountered on the parquet, he could process everything very quickly. I’m amazed that he hasn’t become an NBA coach yet but he probably doesn’t want to lead that kind of life. I understand that, who would want to deal with all these rich, cocky guys?

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