Michael Jordan-Charles Barkley: their friendship broken by MJ’s touchiness?

The 1992 Dream Team was star-studded, with names that have now become legends in their own right. Huge accomplishments also mean huge egos that must be managed. Although the team won the Olympics, its chemistry suffered as quarrels arose on all sides. Isiah Thomas was one of the stars who were excluded from the team, despite Christian Laettner being part of it. This was all because of Chicago Bulls legend Michael Jordan. This relationship has not yet been mended. Charles Barkley may have offended Michael Jordan as a former owner of the Charlotte Hornets.

Michael Jordan is known for proving people wrong. His way of dealing with criticism is to find a way to make things better. This was the method he used to overcome Isiah Thomas’s Detroit Pistons. However, he has not shown that he can do the same as owner of the Hornets. Charles Barkley sent a message to Michael Jordan and it was not taken well, according to Jon Wertheim of CBS Sports.

“Michael disagreed with something I said and broke the friendship. And what I said was that I thought he didn’t have enough people around him to tell him ‘No.’ He got very offended and we never spoke again. But, Jon, I have to do my job. Because I have no credibility if I criticize other people in the same boat and I don’t criticize my best friend.”.

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