Miami Heat magic: specialists in incredible comebacks

The postseason of the Miami Heat really has something magical about it.

The landing in the Finals starting from the play-in, after a stuttering regular season. The incredible performances of players who had never been so much in the spotlight. But there is also another incredible statistic, that concerning the comebacks.

Miami has managed to win as many as 7 Playoffs games by recovering 10 or more points off the lead, often even in the fourth period. So many feats had only succeeded to three teams before: to the Golden State Warriors in 2020 and especially to the Heat themselves, in 2011 and 2012.

It started in the first round with two thrilling wins with Milwaukee: from -14 in the fourth period to a 119-114 victory in Game 4, even from -16 to a 128-126 success in the next game that sealed the Bucks’ resounding elimination.

In the second round with New York, however, the comeback started from further back: from -12 in the second period of Game 2 and from -14 in the first quarter of Game 6.

Then the Boston Celtics, in the first two games at the Garden: -13 in the second half of Game 1 and a 123-116 win, -12 in the last period of Game 2 but still a 111-105 win.

And finally, at least for now, the 15-length disadvantage accumulated in the second quarter and remounted to the Denver Nuggets in Game 2 of the Finals, won 111-108.

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