Luka Doncic is back in Slovenia with one of the world’s most expensive jets

Luka Doncic ended his NBA season prematurely, missing the last RS game against the Spurs and more importantly being excluded from the Playoffs with his Dallas Mavericks. Before this year, it had only happened to him in the 2018-19 season, when he was a rookie. Doncic was thus able to celebrate Orthodox Easter with his loved ones (his father is of Serbian descent), returning to Slovenia in a hurry, and rather expensively. The Mavs superstar took a private jet from Dallas to Ljubljana, but not just any jet. Doncic used a Gulfstream G650, obviously for hire: there are only 200 examples in the world and they are sold for 60 million each.

Luka spared no expense, as he also a simple rental of a Gulfstream G650 costs about 15,500€ per hour, as reported by Kurir. Considering that Dallas to Ljubljana is about a 10-hour flight, Doncic is estimated to have spent €150,000.. An incredibly high figure for mere mortals, not for Luka Doncic who in 2022 renewed for 5 years with the Mavericks going to earn $215 million total.

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