Mark Cuban pays the Mavericks’ fine — and actually doubles it!

I Dallas Mavericks a couple of days ago were fined by the NBA of $750,000 for their actions in the April 7 game against Chicago. Still in the race for the play-in, the Mavs let all the starters rest in order to have a better chance of losing the game and being mathematically eliminated from the post-season. Thus Dallas is almost certain to keep this year’s Draft pick, which will be theirs if included in the Top 10 (otherwise it would have ended up in New York).

Mark Cuban, who certainly has no financial problems, has decided to cover the full amount of the fine out of his own pocket. The owner of the Mavs will pay not only the 750,000 decided by the NBA, but will donate another 750,000 to charity. In short, Cuban, who has an estate of more than $5 billion, will shell out $1.5 million all at once: about o.o2% of his net worth.

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