MarJon Beauchamp, when glory comes in a summer tournament

If you have never heard of MarJon Beauchamp don’t feel guilty.

Chosen at #24 in the 2022 Draft, he played an unremarkable rookie season with the Milwaukee Bucks. Insiders, however, think he has very good potential.

A glimpse of that was seen a few days ago at the CrawsOver, tournament organized by Jamal Crawford Seattle. Here Beauchamp played an absurd game, putting up an impressive 83 points, a new tournament record.

This is admittedly a somewhat “overblown” match. Beauchamp started off well but in the second half of the match, when he was on the scent of a record, the match became his own show to allow him to score as much as possible.

In any case, the feat was revived by several American media outlets and even the NBA’s official social channels. Within hours Beauchamp has become a cult player, especially in the online world. His hope is that the fame gained in one summer tournament like so many will not prove ephemeral and help him gain more space in a Bucks jersey.

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