Is Rudy Gobert becoming a shooter?

Images that send fans of the Minnesota Timberwolves. They come directly from France’s retirement and portray Rudy Gobert Shooting (and scoring) from three-point range.

A short video released by the French federation and picked up by many American media outlets has Timberwolves supporters flying. The images capture a shoot around by France with Rudy Gobert pulling from three points, from the left guard position.

An unexpected 4/4 for the French center who so far has never scored a triple in the NBA in his 14 attempts throughout his career. It could be just episodes but already seeing Gobert practice and score from certain distances tantalizes Minnesota fans.

The NBA three-point line is half a foot further back than FIBA rules, but in this short video Gobert really seems to shoot with a fluidity never seen before. Could the transalpine center reappear at the start of next season with the three-point shot in his technical background? Everyone in Minneapolis is hoping so.

Photo: FIBA

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