Mac McClung has gained almost more from the Slam Dunk Contest than from the rest of his career

Mac McClung was one of, if not THE star player at the All Star Weekend in Salt Lake City. The guy, who signed just a couple of weeks with the Philadelphia 76ers on a two-way contract, has always been a crazy athlete, but so far he had played a total of 2 games in the NBA, both last year: one with the Bulls and one with the Lakers. Otherwise, he had been Rookie of the Year in the G-League, had been attached to the Golden State Warriors’ preseason but, at the starting ribbons, still found himself without an NBA contract.

Things could change on the wave of enthusiasm for 4 dunks that revived, at least for now, interest in the Slam Dunk Contest. McClung stunned the world with feats that, those who did not know him before, surely did not expect from a white boy just 188 inches tall.

To give a glimpse of the precarious situation in which McClung still lives, suffice it to say that his salary for the first year and a half of his career is only slightly higher than the prize money for the winner of the dunk contest. The 76ers player has in fact taken in $106,000 total so far, while from the Slam Dunk Contest he just pocketed $100,000. A pittance for any other NBA player who has ever participated in the contest, but certainly not for McClung.

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