Los Angeles Lakers lose 3 players for the rest of the season

I Los Angeles Lakers are still fighting for a spot in the Play-in: they are currently ninth with a 37-32 record, +1 win away from Golden State but -3 wins away from Sacramento, which occupies the sixth position, the last to play the post-season directly. Both in this final month of the regular season and in the Playoffs, however, the yellow-viola will have to do without 3 rotation players, some of them important. According to Bill Reiter of CBS Sports, in fact, Christian Wood, Jared Vanderbilt and Gabe Vincent, all of whom will not be returning. out for the season.

Vincent’s has been a very disappointing season: arriving from Miami, where he was the starting point guard, he has played only 5 games due to numerous injuries. Wood, besides struggling with off-court affairs, is currently injured in his knee and his last game was on February 15. Finally, Vanderbilt, probably the Lakers’ most important player among those on this list, is still struggling with a foot injury and has not even received the doctors’ okay to return to practice. He has been out since last Feb. 2, and although a small chance of getting him back is there, according to Reiter it is unlikely he will return this season.

The Los Angeles Lakers to lengthen their rotations last month had signed Spencer Dinwiddie, while in recent outings Max Christie is finding increasing space on a bench that is currently very short.

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