LeBron produces a comedy film and his mansion is the main location

A new \”House Party\” movie will be released in theaters in January 2023, and this one has huge NBA ties thanks to Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James.

The latest trailer for the upcoming remake was just released and it featured LeBron\’s mansion in all its glory. James even shared it on Instagram to publicize the film even more.

LeBron James is the producer of the film along with his business partner Maverick Carter, so the choice of his mansion as the film\’s location is not surprising.

The remake of \”House Party\” features Tosin Cole and Jacob Latimore as two cleaners whose second job is to be party planners and promoters. After realizing that the mansion they are cleaning is LeBron\’s, they decide to throw a huge party and invite stellar guests. Snoop Dogg, Lil Wayne, Lena Waithe, Anthony Davis and many other celebrities make an appearance at the party, which becomes quite chaotic.

Back to LeBron\’s mansion, though, perhaps the best part of the film is the Lakers star\’s cameo, albeit as a hologram. LeBron\’s one-liners are hilarious, especially when he speaks wryly about common criticisms of him: from his move to the Miami Heat a decade ago to his receding hairline.

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