LeBron launches LeBron 20s: teaser video is CLAMORIOUS 🔥🔥

Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James will release a new pair of sneakers this fall, and their name will be the LeBron 20s, which makes sense since it\’s his 20th year in the NBA.

Last night the King posted a hilarious video on Instagram, not only showing off his new shoes, but also giving us all a bit of hilarity:

Whoever made this clip has some very impressive editing skills! We are referring to the final part where LeBron James jumps out of the pool in his sneakers. That moment is really super real.

The LeBron 20s is the lightest shoe in its signature edition and will celebrate its 20th anniversary in the league. It is also the first low-top basketball sneaker in his line.

Jason Petrie, the lead designer of LeBron\’s shoes at Nike, had this to say:

\”We saw 20 years as an opportunity to celebrate the next 20 years for LeBron. The label sewn inside the tongue says, \’Designed and engineered to the exact specifications of the next generation.\’ We took this line seriously while designing the shoe. We had players like LeBron\’s sons, Bronny and Bryce, in mind. We wanted to get inside their heads and know what young players were looking for.\”

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