LeBron James wants Lakers to stay ‘off social media’ during playoffs

Besides LeBron James and Anthony Davis (and Tristan Thompson), the Los Angeles Lakers are relatively inexperienced when it comes to making long runs in the NBA playoffs. After their 127-97 victory in Game 3 over the Golden State Warriors, LeBron James revealed his top piece of advice for his teammates amid the fatigue, which is to stay off social media.

“Stay off social media.” said the 20-year NBA veteran after finishing with 21 points, eight rebounds and eight assists at Crypto.com Arena.

“Most of our guys have never played a postseason or haven’t had much postseason experience, so it’s best if they stay away from TV and social media.”, James explained. “If you win a game, everybody is the best player in the world; you lose a game, they’re flooding you with garbage. That’s part of the game. It’s about training your mind for the next challenge. And, “What is the next challenge?” This game is over, we played well. Okay nice. But we have another match on Monday’ “.

LeBron said he wants his boys to enjoy watching movies, reading books, playing cards with their family, or doing whatever makes them happy and busy off the court, the important thing is that there are no comments from fans or reporters about their performance.

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