LeBron James sent two messages to the Grizzlies after eliminating them

The series between Los Angeles Lakers e Memphis Grizzlies was full of surprises, starting with the yellow-viola upset in 6 games. For some stretches the series turned into a “LeBron James vs. the Grizzlies.” or even in a “LeBron James vs. Dillon Brooks.”. The latter, after provoking James following the victory in Game 2, did not want to talk to reporters again, even after the elimination of Game-6. Partly because his people were losing the series, partly because he offered a reviewable performance on a personal level as well. Brooks ended the series with 10.5 points on average, shooting 31 percent from the field and 24 percent from three-point range.

After the Grizzlies’ elimination, James wanted to put a stop to the latest “rivals,” in chronological order, via social media. The Lakers superstar first shared a post on Instagram that read: “If you see me wrestling in the forest with a Grizzly bear, help the bear!”.

Then, on Twitter, LeBron shared a message that seemed more directed at Brooks:

This is a verse from the song “Trouble” by Jay-Z, in which the rapper, still young at the time, said he was almost a veteran. Literally: “Unlike you, I’m a grown man / big shoes to fill, baggy pants / I probably tangled with your father, go ask your parents / you seem to be staring at a legend / who’s already put a bunch of dudes in their place so far / tried to eat without saying a prayer first.”. In short, Brooks had called him “old,” and therefore not his or the Grizzlies’ problem. Instead, James wanted to reiterate that his strength lies precisely in his age and his history that speaks for him.

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