Irving on the sidelines for LeBron: the 2 together at the Lakers next year?

Kyrie Irving fully supported his former teammate LeBron James as the Los Angeles Lakers eliminated the Memphis Grizzlies tonight. The Dallas Mavericks free agent’s attitude could have been nothing more than that of one superstar athlete supporting another, but that won’t stop the NBA-loving Twitter world from speculating about another reunion between the two stars.

LeBron took some time during his pregame warm-up to embrace his former teammate at the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Images have Lakers fans daydreaming about Kyrie Irving wearing the purple and gold jersey next season. He is currently a free agent and it would be serious problems for Rob Pelinka and team to put him under contract, but nothing is impossible if there is mutual interest.

Regardless of the fact that Kyrie Irving is considering joining LeBron James in Los Angeles, Lakers fans are already convinced that he helped their cause in shutting down the Grizzlies in Game 6. Perhaps his appearance on the sidelines sparked a little extra motivation for some of the i guys.

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