LeBron James ever out of the Playoffs again? He deletes old tweet…

The season of the Los Angeles Lakers continues on negative tracks, and despite tonight’s win in Orlando the yellow-viola remain third to last in the West, ahead of only the Spurs and Rockets. If the Lakers stay out of the Playoffs, it would be the second year in a row. Last season, as his colleagues faced off in the postseason, LeBron James had written a tweet saying he would no longer watch the Playoffs from the couch.

Now that it seems likely, however, that the Lakers will ultimately fail the goal, LeBron has deleted that tweet dated April 22, 2022. James’ move sparked social media, which immediately highlighted the deleted tweet. The motivation behind this choice appears to be able to be only one: LeBron James seriously fears not even making the Playoffs this year and would like to avoid possible teasing in a few months.

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