Klay Thompson the fortune teller: predicts how long Curry will be at the top

Steph Curry has already made it abundantly clear that he intends to play beyond the term of his current contract, which is after the 2025-26 season, and Klay Thompson knows exactly until when. Excuse those who doubt the Golden State Warriors superstar’s ability to maintain his current level of play until he is almost 40.

Klay Thompson has had a front row seat to Curry’s legendary rise over the past decade and has no doubt that his teammate can play at MVP levels for many more seasons in his career, even after celebrating his 40th birthday.

“I think he can do it as long as he wants to. Steph works really hard, is in great shape and loves the game. He is extremely competitive. I think Steph can play at this level until he is 40 years old. His game is suitable for aging. He is not a powerful player, I mean he is yes powerful but obviously his game is based on more quality. He will stay at this level as long as he wants to.”.

Curry’s current status as the best player in the world-just ask Giannis Antetokounmpo-at age 34 is already an incredible testament to his longevity. Only Michael Jordan and LeBron James before him had legitimate claims to the league’s individual throne at the same age as Curry. In June, he played perhaps the best basketball of his life by leading the Warriors to a championship win over the Boston Celtics, finally winning that elusive Finals MVP award.

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