Kevin Durant rejects any comparisons to Victor Wembanyama

Phoenix Suns superstar Kevin Durant rejected recent comparisons to San Antonio Spurs rookie Victor Wembanyama. Although both players have lean builds and superior athleticism, KD believes Wembanyama will make his own way in the league, according to Rob Perez of Sorare NBA.

“Yeah, I don’t see anybody else in his game. I mean, I know we’re both thin and I’m sure he said he’s watched me growing up, but he’s a player in his own right. I’m sure he’s watched a lot of great players in the league and tried to emulate almost all of them.”, Kevin Durant said.

“You could see it in his enthusiasm for the game, you could see it on TV and playing against him. So, he’s his own player and his own person, creating his own lane. He is very different from anyone who has ever played. You can try to make comparisons, but he will carve out his own space.”, Durant concluded.

Victor Wembanyama played his best game of his young NBA career against Kevin Durant’s Suns on Thursday. Wemby made 15 of his 26 shots from the field and finished with a career-high 38 points in the Spurs’ 132 to 121 victory.

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