A former Nets cheerleader told a spicy anecdote about Brooklyn’s quintet

In recent hours in the NBA world, the words of Jen Rufo, former cheerleader first for the New Jersey Nets and later for the Brooklyn Nets. The girl, who is now an adult content creator and a mental coach, has in fact told a spicy anecdote about her years at the Nets, specifically some facts dating back to 2015.

Guest of the The Danny and Leo Show, Rufo stated that cheerleaders by contract are not allowed to have romantic or sexual relationships with players. “I don’t think athletes have the same limitations, they can do whatever they want.” she added. To then get to the point: When I worked for the Nets I did it anyway., they said it would jeopardize our career but I disagree. I can be talented and also sexy, I don’t think it diminishes my credibility as a dancer.”.

Rufo did not name the players (plural) with whom he allegedly had sex in 2015, but still pointed out that “they were not bench players.”.

Immediately Mikal Bridges, currently one of the Nets’ best players, re-posted the interview clip writing on X: “I was at the Phoenix Suns.”, although technically in 2015 he was not even in the NBA, but in his freshman year at Villanova.

Bridges’ message was echoed by colleague Grant Williams, who jokingly merely posted an old video of another girl who had claimed in a podcast a few years ago to have given oral sex to 7 Suns players at the same time.

For the sake of the record (so to speak), the Nets’ quintet in the 2014-15 season consisted of Deron Williams, Markel Brown, Joe Johnson, Kevin Garnett, and Brook Lopez.

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