Kevin Durant between past and future: “In Phoenix there is everything to win, in Brooklyn on the other hand…”

Kevin Durant has officially begun his time at the Phoenix Suns. At the introductory press conference, he talked about future prospects in the new franchise and took stock of his experience at the Brooklyn Nets, with several interesting insights.

Here are KD’s words on the goals Arizona.

There is everything you need to win: starting with players with Finals experience, going through the caoch and ending with gm James Jones. Having people who have already won is half the battle. With the arrival of Williams and Jones this group has grown a lot, they have changed the culture of the franchise and the energy with which the team takes the court. Booker, Ayton and CP3 are great workers, I’m happy to be here. Pressure? Normal that there is, as I am one of the strongest players ever.

Then Durant came back on the Nets, especially on what went wrong: the farewell of Irving, the experience with Harden and the many vicissitudes of the past few months.

Without Irving we lost our identity, he was so important, on the court he can do everything. His departure was a bad blow to the team, for me a punch in the stomach. I regret not finishing what we started, we were on the right track, we were building the right mentality and chemistry needed on the court. We always gave everything but didn’t achieve the result, we showed extraordinary basketball when Harden was also there but only for 16 games, not enough to win the ring. However, in Brooklyn I lived four special years, they helped me a lot to come back from injury, I get excited thinking back to those days, about the franchise I can never say anything negative.

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