Keith Appling convicted of voluntary manslaughter

Keith Appling will have to serve a long sentence in prison after conviction for voluntary manslaughter.

The second-degree verdict upheld the guilt of Appling, who was charged with the murder of his relative, Clyde Edmonds, whom the former player shot in May 2021 at the height of an argument. Appling faces a sentence ranging from 18 to 40 years in prison, plus two years for illegal possession of a firearm.

In 2021, the former athlete had been arrested after a few days of absconding, followed by a first-degree sentence and now a second-degree sentence by which he was confirmed guilty and sentenced accordingly. Appling had played in college for Michigan State, then a lot of G-League, some experience in Mexico and Argentina, and an appearance in Italy, averaging more than 20 points in A2 at Piacenza But soon discontinued.

In fact, the Piacenza one was his last stint on the parquet floor, then legal troubles swept him away, initially with drug-related problems and then precisely with the killing of Edmonds, 66. Now, at 31, there will be a long sentence for Appling to serve behind bars.

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