Kai Jones’ latest exit will anger the NBA

A couple of weeks ago the Charlotte Hornets had announced that Kai Jones would be away from the team for a while. The franchise’s decision followed a series of strange behavior on social media by the young long man, who among other things had also stated in an Instagram feed that he was absolutely certain the Hornets would not trade him.

In the past few hours, however, Jones has returned to the news by writing on X about having officially asked Charlotte for a trade.

The exit has displaced everyone a bit because it testifies that Kai Jones’ mental state at the moment is not the best. In fact, NBA rules prevent players from publicly requesting a trade, if they do they risk up to $150,000 in fines.. Still a significant amount given that Jones currently earns $3 million a year.

Jones’ words also attracted the attention of Terrence Ross, veteran still a free agent. “Is everything okay, mentally?” Ross asked.

“I’m the best ever, go watch my highlights.” Jones himself replied to him, to which the former Magic and Suns player retorted: “So no [non va tutto bene, ndr]”.

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