Can’t play anymore but insurance won’t pay him, former NBA player sues company

Michael Kidd-Gilchrist had to end his career prematurely because of a heart disease.

This is a myocarditis, that is, an inflammation of the heart muscle, which Kidd-Gilchrist first experienced in December 2020. A problem that soon turned out to be caused by the Covid. The now former player tried to return to the field but had to give up after a brief stint with the New York Knicks.

Given the abrupt end to his career, Kidd-Gilchrist should have received compensation from his insurance company. The contract, in fact, provided for compensation in the event of an illness that jeopardized the continuation of his experience as a professional player. The company, England’s Llloyd’s, reportedly rejected the claim, not deeming Kidd-Gilchrist’s problem so disabling as to force him to hang up his cleats. The matter therefore ended up in court with the now former player demanding 40 million dollars.

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