Josh Giddey breaks silence: his words on recent scandal with underage girl

In the last 24 hours, also accomplice to the one-day NBA stop related to Thanksgiving, the scandal involving Australian Josh Giddey. Indeed, some photos of the point guard of the Oklahoma City Thunder, also with rather explicit captioning, in the company of a girl who according to reconstructions at the time of the shots was 15 years old. Not much more is known about the affair, but Giddey ended up in the eye of the storm since the age of consent in Oklahoma is 16. Currently, the player recently turned 21.

Obviously, however, at the shootaround of today the question was put to Giddey, but he would not comment on the matter: “I understand the question, but I don’t want to comment at the moment.”.

Also to the Thunder coach, Mark Daigneault, the same question was asked. With the same (un)answer: “This is personal business, I don’t want to comment on it. This will be my answer to any questions on the subject.”.

In short, at least for the time being, the situation will not be clarified. Importantly, the girl seemed to be fully conscious when she herself posted the photos with Giddey on her Snapchat profile and also she herself has yet to comment on the case.

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