Jokic has a different view from Doncic that “it is easier to score in the NBA than in the EuroLeague.”

Nikola Jokic, the best Serbian basketball player and one of the best Europeans ever commented on Luka Doncic’s statement that “it is much easier to score a basket in the NBA than in the EuroLeague.”

“Maybe it’s easier for him because he plays on the outside, while I fight in the basket.” Jokić laughs for TV Arena Sport and adds: “In Europe there are no defensive threes, which takes a lot away from the offense. The three-point line is closer, so there is less room to maneuver. I also made a comparison once: in Europe you play as if there are ten rams in the barn and they all clash with each other because the space is tight. It was strange for me to play EuroBasket in those conditions, but I got used to it quickly.”

Not too fast given the that his Serbia came out against our Italy, although-to be honest-Nikola Jokic was the best player in that game. He tried to do as much as he could, maybe he still needs to grow as a leader, however, basketball-wise, he could not have done more than that.

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