Kyrie Irving, the reason for choosing number 11 is unbelievable

Last night, while contributing to the 11th straight win by the Brooklyn Nets, light has been shed on the choice of No. 11 by Kyrie Irving. The controversial player had started his career with the #2 at the Cleveland Cavaliers, only to switch to #11 first in Boston and now in Brooklyn. Reporting from the sidelines, reporter Ashley Shahahmadi shed light on the numerology behind Kyrie’s decision, which really has someincredible in the amount of meanings listed.

For clarity, we will list them all here:

  • Irving was born at 1:11 a.m. on March 23, 1992
  • Drederick Irving, Kyrie’s father, wore #11 in college at Boston University
  • “Kyrie Irving” is 11 letters long
  • The letter K in Kyrie is the 11th letter of the alphabet
  • At Duke he played 11 games before getting injured and then being selected in the first round overall call-up at the 2011 NBA Draft (1-1)
  • Irving reached 11,000 career points on March 11

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