John Wall\’s return is some of the best news of this pre-season

The start of the NBA pre-season is seeing the return to the court of many champions who had been missing for several months due to various injuries.

Among the \”revivals\” is. John Wall, making his debut in the jersey of the Los Angeles Clippers. His return to the hardwood is some of the best news of this very early part of the season. The former Wizards, in fact, had not played since late April 2021 but actually missed most of the last three seasons.

During this time he has struggled with so many injuries, Houston\’s choice to keep him out and even with the depression which had even led him to contemplate suicide. Now with the red and white jersey a new beginning, greeted with great joy by teammates and opponents alike. In last night\’s win with Portland (102-97), Wall played 14 minutes with five points on the scoreboard.

A gradual comeback for a player who has shown great talent in the past. Commenting on his return Kawhi Leonard, leader of the franchise and also seen again on the parquet after a long absence.

John came back smiling like he never did in recent times. I\’m glad he was able to come back, he overcame so many tough obstacles in the last three years, he struggled with injuries and his head, he came out on top. We are talking about a phenomenon, he will help us a lot as a scorer and point guard. Our true potential will be seen when we shake off the rust, we have to work gradually without forcing, the season is long and we want to live it to the full.

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