Jimmy Butler is CRAZY! Registered trademark “EMO JIMBO”

Miami Heat wing Jimmy Butler filed this week for the trademark EMO JIMBO, according to attorney Josh Gerben.

Jimmy Butler will use the EMO JIMBO brand for sports merchandise, such as T-shirts, hats, pants and various garments. Butler’s new look at media day a few weeks ago was a sign of the future.

The Heat star posed for the cameras with an early 2000s “emo” hairstyle. Butler’s long, straight hair made the rounds on social media. No one would have guessed he would venture into the sportswear industry just a few weeks later.

Jimmy Butler has become one of the NBA’s most popular entrepreneurs. Three years ago he launched his “Big Face Coffee.” Butler learned to make coffee on the fly in his hotel room. He said he earned a fair amount of money when he became a barista during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Now Butler plans to make his mark in the sportswear industry. His work ethic and business acumen will surely lead him to success in this new venture.

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