Beal to the Suns, what about Miami? Heat would rather set their sights on Damian Lillard

I Miami Heat were the other team in the running to grab the. Bradley Beal, finished, however, at the Phoenix Suns in the Italian evening yesterday. The Florida franchise, fresh from the NBA Finals, missed the assault on the player at the behest of Beal himself, who had a no-trade clause by which he could essentially veto any trade and thus force Washington’s hand for a transfer to the most palatable destination, in this case the Suns.

According to Chris Haynes, however, the Heat will not be sitting on their hands this offseason. The main target would be another “loyalist.” Damian Lillard, a longtime symbol of the Portland Trail Blazers. The point guard has never said he wants to leave, but Miami would be confident in the player’s willingness to seek a more winning environment after so many years. In the summer of 2022, Lillard also signed a renewal with Portland: a two-year, $122 million total deal that will earn him $45 million next season.

Haynes, however, is the journalist historically closest to Lillard, the one who serves as a megaphone for his entourage. If he reports such news, it is therefore hard to believe that there is not at least a faint desire behind it for Lillard to test the market temperature around him.

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