Jaylen Brown is ejected for the first time in his career and lashes out at the referee

First ejection career for Jaylen Brown. Despite this, the Boston Celtics maintained their home unbeaten streak by defeating the New York Knicks 133-123.

Brown remedied two technicals in the final quarter. The first for “use of foul language toward the referee” and the second, when he was already on the bench, for a “blatant and unsportsmanlike gesture” toward a game director.

The Celtics star did not take the measures well at all, attacking the whistle’s actions Jason Goldenberg in the postgame.

I usually don’t comment on refereeing but tonight I want to point out Goldenberg’s negative performance: he sucked. He got carried away: on the occasion of the second technical I was explaining to another referee what had happened, he was on the other side of the field and threw me out. The clasic example of a person who wants to show off his power. I always thought my first ejection would be something eventful, maybe a fight with an opponent rolling around on the ground. Instead it came because of a referee who was a bit too much of a protagonist on a bad day.

Words that could cost Brown a hefty fine. The Boston star received support from his coach, Joe Mazzulla.

The referees told me that the first technical was due to an inappropriate comment, namely, “Don’t whistle these s********.” I have been coaching for five years and I have seen so many players behave worse and use much more vulgar language.

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