Zach LaVine has surgery: end of his season and the rumors

The season of the Chicago Bulls so far has not been good, but in recent weeks the team has returned to fighting for a Play-in spot and currently sits ninth in the East with a 23-26 record. For the past couple of weeks they have also been without a Zach LaVine, out due to a right foot injury suffered in the Jan. 19 match against Toronto.

Earlier today, the Bulls announced that LaVine will undergo surgery on his foot and will return directly into next season: recovery time is estimated at 4-6 months. It is the end of the season for the Chicago guard, who closes with 19.5 points average (never so few since he has been at the Bulls). But above all it puts an end, at least for a few months, to the market rumors that featured LaVine, who has been approached in recent months by numerous teams such as the Lakers and Pistons.

Zach LaVine has been on the market almost since the beginning of the season, but no team has ever entered into real negotiations with Chicago. Since the player will be unavailable for months, it is unlikely that any contender will invest any assets For him by next week’s trade deadline. In all likelihood, talk of LaVine’s trade will return in the summer.

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