Jaylen Brown, 2014 tweet goes viral again: his prof was convinced he would become a criminal

Boston Celtics star Jaylen Brown has come a long way, and his new $304 million extension is a good reminder of that.

In high school, a teacher told Brown he would one day end up in prison. Instead, the 26-year-old just signed the richest contract in NBA history. Because the Internet never forgets, people have dug up an old tweet from Brown that shows how completely oblivious his teacher was to what would later become the Celtics phenom.

“My teacher said she will be looking for me in the Cobb County Jail in 5 years …. Wow.”.

Brown has forgiven his former teacher despite her cruel comments, and it turns out she is just one of many people who have doubted him along the way. For example, after being chosen with the third overall pick in 2016, the UC Berkeley product was soundly booed. Some Celtics fans wanted Kris Dunn, a New England native, and many scouts did not believe in Brown’s shooting ability.

In short, time always gives us the answers. Sometimes we get it right and sometimes less so. With Jaylen Brown, we can say that anyone who made a prediction about him was wrong.

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