“Everyone gets high on marijuana in the NBA!”-Kevin Durant’s shock revelation!

As part of the new Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA), the NBA and NBPA recently agreed to remove marijuana from the list of banned substances in the league. Apparently, Phoenix Suns superstar Kevin Durant played a key role in this important development on marijuana. The former league MVP told all about it in a recent interview.

According to KD himself, he personally spoke with commisioner Adam Silver about this issue. The Suns star also shared his true feelings about marijuana use and how his reputation has evolved over the years:

“I called Adam Silver and asked him to take marijuana off the list of banned substances.” Durant said. “I felt it was becoming a widespread phenomenon across the country and around the world. The stigma behind it is not as negative as before. It doesn’t have any negative effect on you. I just like the plant, it’s very simple.”

When asked how the conversation with the commissioner went, Durant revealed that he did not have to convince Silver of his position:

“He smelled it when I came in, so I didn’t have to say much. He kind of understood where this was going. It’s the NBA, man, everybody does it. It’s like wine at this point.”.

Kevin Durant hesitated a bit before making his bombshell revelation that “everyone” in the league uses marijuana.

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