Christian Wood stalked by ex-girlfriend: restraining order arrives

Last week we told you about the case involving the Christian Wood, his former girlfriend as well as the mother of his son, and a friend of the latter. You can read the full story here. In recent hours TMZ reported that the long of the Los Angeles Lakers finally succeeded in obtaining a temporary restraining order against his former girlfriend, born Yasmine Lopez.

Since their breakup in December 2022, Lopez has repeatedly assaulted Wood and violated his private property. In January 2023, when the player was with the Dallas Mavericks, she had trespassed through the gate of his home and vandalized his Lamborghini with spray paint. In August 2023 then Lopez again broke into Wood’s home in Encino, Los Angeles, breaking statues, glass, and vases and also trying to physically assault him.

Finally less than two weeks ago, Lopez committed her latest known crime: she climbed over the gate of Wood’s home for the umpteenth time, rifling his Mercedes parked in the backyard. According to reconstructions, the girl would then be arrested and the child entrusted to her friend, from whom the fuss then started on social media.

Now the court has ruled for A restraining order against Lopez that will expire on March 20.. During these weeks the woman will not be allowed to come within 100 yards (about 91 meters) of Christian Wood, except for encounters that will have to take place due to the transfer of custody of the child, Kobe Sean. During this period to protect the player Lopez will also be prohibited from possessing a firearm.

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