Jannik Sinner, how he got into basketball and what NBA team he cheers for

Jannik Sinner will play in the final of the Nitto ATP Finals 2023 at the PalaAlpitour in Turin this afternoon against Novak Djokovic, an arena where Italy basketball lost the final qualifying match at the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympics. Of course, we hope that the 2001-class phenomenon will be brought better by the Turin audience and that he will be able to win the competition.

But how did Jannik Sinner get into basketball?

The South Tyrolean phenom told in an interview with Sky Sports in 2020 how he became passionate about basketball:

My passion for basketball started quite by accident: I happened upon one of the many incredible dunks in front of me, and so I got a little bit curious. I wondered what the sport was and what was behind that very special league: that’s where it all started. Obviously I know the strongest and benchmark players: for me, the best remains LeBron James.”.

Sasha Vujacic
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What NBA team does the tennis player root for?

Jannik Sinner also has an NBA basketball team he cheers for:

“The Houston Rockets are the team I root for.”.

The class of 2001 began following the NBA assiduously when James Harden was in Houston and was a phenom with the Rockets, so much so that he won the regular season MVP award in 2018. I wonder if last night’s “shot from 4” inspired him against Danil Medvedev and will inspire him again tonight in the final against Nole Djokovic.

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