James Harden, SERIOUS reason for his departure from the Sixers revealed

Since the Philadelphia 76ers began training camp, James Harden participated in only one practice and never took the court in the preseason. In recent days it has even been reported that the Beard is not even in Philadelphia but in Houston for family reasons. Obviously, the initial news had raised more than a few eyebrows given the total breakup with the 76ers in the summer and the resume of the player, who is no stranger to deserting training camp in these situations, having done so before at the Rockets.

Instead, the reason for Harden’s absence is not difficult relations with Daryl Morey, or at least not only. The 2018 MVP. would in fact be in Houston to care for his seriously ill mother, as reported by Brandon Robinson. “He’s going through a rough patch. He loves to compete and has never been in better shape, but he feels betrayed by the Sixers.” a source reportedly told the reporter.

No word on how long James Harden will stay away from Philadelphia., but given the very delicate situation it is unlikely that pressure will be put on him to take the court in the immediate term. In the meantime, the Sixers will have to work to find an acceptable trade, as otherwise the risk is to lose the player for zero next summer when he is a free agent.

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