Ja Morant: “False media narrative, I’m not what they paint me to be”

Ja Morant spoke about the events that led to his suspension by the NBA.

The star of the Memphis Grizzlies first placed emphasis on the situation involving him and his “crew.”

We got into this situation because of past mistakes, now we are trying to be smarter and more responsible. We didn’t understand what we were risking, now we’ve taken time to reflect, I’ve done it on my own and I’m realizing that I have so much to lose both personally and as a group. We have to be more responsible and avoid bad decisions.

Then, in the interview given to ESPN, returned to this summer’s episode.

The things that happened in the past are my cause but the recent ones are lies. I can’t talk about it because there are investigations but I look forward to being able to tell the truth. I’m not like that, I’m very close to the family and his safety was at stake there, when I knew it was okay I left.

Afterwards the meeting with the commissioner Adam Silver and future prospects.

The meeting with Silver was positive, he gave me suggestions and reiterated his support for me. I apologized to the NBA, my teammates, my family and also to myself for all the negativity this affair has brought. I take responsibility for my actions but I am not a violent person, I will show who I really am and change the narrative that has been developing lately about me, so I have taken days to reflect and improve. The strip club? A way to escape but I shouldn’t have. I am a different person from what the media shows and I want to show that. I’m mentally well now, I’ve found a space where I feel comfortable and I’ve figured out how best to handle stress. I accept being punished for my mistakes, I can’t wait to get back on the field, I will be ready to fight for the title.

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