“It was a masterpiece of[bleep],” coach Hardy’s brutal comment after Utah’s knockout loss to Dallas

The Utah Jazz were without Lauri Markkanen, Jordan Clarkson and Kelly Olynyk during tonight’s game against the Dallas Mavericks, which made victory an already difficult task for coach Will Hardy and his men. But the Jazz did not even struggle. They allowed Luka Doncic to tear them apart., with the Mavs star netting a triple double in the first half alone of what ended with a 147-97 defeat.

It’s not easy to win in the NBA, but it can be even harder to lose by 50, since a team has to be hit by a lot of catastrophes and cataclysms within 48 minutes to lose by that much. And the Jazz coach knows this well. Indeed, Hardy reacted with a noteworthy statement to his worst defeat as a professional coach.

“It was an absolutely horrendous performance from start to finish. It was a masterpiece of[bleep]. I really don’t know how to describe this game.”, said the Jazz head coach in his post-game speech.

In short, Coach Will Hardy did not take this -50 at all well. But let’s just say some people could have done a lot worse.

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