Is LeBron James getting tired of the Lakers’ “slowness”?

As much as we are all talking about the Dallas Mavericks and Brooklyn Nets for successfully orchestrating a trade deal centered around Kyrie Irving, perhaps there is just as much hype around LeBron James and the Los Angeles Lakers because of their failure to lure Kyrie to Hollywood.

LeBron himself has expressed disappointment with his team’s failed bid, and for his part, ESPN’s NBA insider Brian Windhorst believes there is more to it than what is seen on the surface.

Windhorst basically asked the Lakers to make peace with LeBron James after they failed to bring Irving to Los Angeles. Windy pointed out that James has gone out of his way to show his loyalty to the Lakers for the past two years. It’s time for them to repay him:

“He absolutely continues to give the Lakers more and more respect, more and more attention. The Lakers didn’t get this deal done. They should really try to do something because, at some point, his patience will run out. LeBron has never had a dead period like this in Miami, not even in Cleveland, not once, but the Lakers, they are going too slow.”.

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