Draymond Green must keep his promise to LeBron

Remember when Draymond Green promised that he would be a frontline witness the moment LeBron James broke Kareem Abdul-Jabbar’s all-time record? Well, NBA Twitter hasn’t forgotten that at all. And now fans want the Golden State Warriors star to make good on his commitment.

With LeBron on the brink of breaking the all-time record, Twitter’s bad tongues just want to make sure Green is a man of his word. Therefore, they expect him to be there Tuesday when the Los Angeles Lakers take on the Oklahoma City Thunder. James is just 36 points off the record and could very well make history Tuesday night.

Fortunately for him, the Warriors don’t have a game Tuesday. Even if LeBron James fails to break the record against the Thunder, Draymond Green can be there on Thursday when the Lakers take on the Milwaukee Bucks. The Dubs don’t play until Saturday, so we all expect Dray to make good on his promise.

Let’s see if the Warriors phenom will be able to do what everyone is hoping for tonight, although it won’t be super easy, 36 points is not a small amount.

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