Irving’s shock donation! Nearly $50,000 to needy children in Ghana and Nigeria

Say what you will about Kyrie Irving, but the Dallas Mavericks superstar has undeniably made so many efforts that positively impact people’s lives. The polarizing Irving recently made an amazing donation on GoFundMe worth $45,000 to help build an orphanage in Ghana and a school in Nigeria.

Irving, who scored 40 points tonight for the Mavs in their 133 to 126 home win over the Philadelphia 76ers, spoke shortly after the win about the gesture he made.

“There is so much to do in our world, I just try to do small acts of kindness every single day.” Kyrie Irving said during his postgame press conference, as reported by Dorothy J. Gentry.

At the time of this writing, the GoFundMe initiative has already accumulated over $65,000 in donations and should gain even more traction, especially now that Kyrie Irving is trending not only for his donation but also for his performance against the Sixers.

“Sunday morning I woke up to a $45,000 donation from Kyrie Irving.” said Cameron Mofid, the organizer of the initiative on GoFundMe. “I’m not exactly sure how Kyrie found the fundraiser, but it was likely trending on GoFundMe because of the amount of people who shared and supported it.”

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