Ime Udoka ejected after face-off with LeBron James

NBA players who get into conflict with opposing coaches are quite rare. Even rarer are the cases of NBA players and coaches getting into a war of words that ends with the coach being removed. That’s just what happened tonight between LeBron James and coach Ime Udoka as the Lakers won against the Houston Rockets by a convincing 107 to 97 thanks to a 35-14 second-quarter run.

A tense situation came at the climax of the game when Los Angeles wing LeBron James and Houston coach Ime Udoka started talking. Referee J.T. Orr monitored the conversation and at the end imposed a technical on both James and Udoka. Because it was the second of the game, Udoka was ejected..

The coach suffered his first technical foul in the first half.

LeBron James, given his advanced age, has played with or against many coaches in the league, including Ime Udoka. James’ Cavaliers teams went 6-2 against Udoka’s teams in the 2007-2010 seasons. What they said to each other we may never know-or maybe we will.

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