What did LeBron James and Ime Udoka say to each other? Lip sync reconstruction

Last night, in the game between Los Angeles Lakers and Houston Rockets, there was some tension between LeBron James and the opposing coach, Ime Udoka. The two bickered until a referee punished them with a technical foul each: for Udoka it was his second, so he was ejected. But what did the two say to each other? What were the coach’s words that made LeBron lose his cool?

An account on X that often reconstructs such situations analyzed the lips of the two. Apparently it all started from a protest by James against the referees, the Lakers star’s behavior caused Udoka to lose his temper. “Stop crying like put**s!” the coach said at the Lakers’ address. “We are all grown men, the word ‘put***a’ is not nice to use. Don’t use it so easily LeBron answered him, repeating it several times.

“Yes, I said it. Now what would you like to do? Come here to me like you want to do something.” Udoka replied. Before indulging in a “soft ass boy” that needs no translation. It was at that point that the referee awarded the double technical. Before leaving the court, the Rockets coach repeated: “Stop complaining. Then pretend you want to do something!”.

In the postgame James had refused to reveal what they had said to each other, stating to reporters that they had talked about Thanksgiving.

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