How will Jokic rest ahead of the Western Conference finals? Watching a horse race in Italy on TV…

Nikola Jokic just rewrote NBA history because he is only the third player in history to win a playoff series by averaging triple-doubles with at least 30 points on the scoreboard but he is now just interested in a horse race in Italy where a friend of his will be attending.

It all sounds paradoxical but it really is. Nikola Jokic, when asked ‘how are you going to spend these days off before the Conference Finals?” answered like this:

“I’ll probably watch my friend compete in a horse race in Italy…I hope it’s sunny so I can do that while I’m in the pool with my family.”.

We realize it sounds paradoxical but it is reality. Probably the best basketball player in the world right now, Nikola Jokic, to rest either goes to some stable to watch horses, his own or others, or watches horse races.

Recall that tonight there will be game-6 of the Western Conference semifinals between Los Angeles Lakers and Golden State Warriors and only one of the two will play against the Colorado franchise in the finals. Right now the Los Angeles Lakers are favored because they are up 3-2 but never underestimate Golden State…

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