Have Larsa Pippen and Marcus Jordan already broken up?

Larsa Pippen and Marcus Jordan are said to have broken up after a year of relationship. A source later confirmed their breakup, saying: “They decided to take some time to reevaluate their relationship. This has nothing to do with family, but only with their personal growth.”

The breakup rumor between Larsa Pippen, the ex-wife of basketball star Scottie Pippen, and Marcus, the son of His Highness Michael Jordan, seems to have started when she shared a poll in Instagram Stories asking people if it was okay for friends to “unfollow your ex.” Almost immediately, people began to wonder if the two had broken up.

Larsa Pippen also showed one of the hallmarks of a relationship breakup when she deleted all photos of her with Marcus from her Instagram account.

Another rumor circulating is that the breakup was partly caused by Michael Jordan’s coldness toward the relationship.

The source also claimed that the breakup was initially “instigated” by Marcus’ father, Michael Jordan, who publicly denounced their relationship.

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