Harden ELOGATES Mike James for EuroLeague record: ‘An EXAMPLE’

Mike James has surpassed Vassilis Spanoulis to become the EuroLeague’s all-time leading scorer, attracting the attention of U.S. and NBA stars. Mike James’ former teammate at the Brooklyn Nets, James Harden, who shared the court with James, spoke highly of the new EuroLeague’s all-time leading scorer.

“He has a good game. He was my teammate in Brooklyn. A lot of guys stop in the NBA or never get a chance. They build a career abroad. Mike did a great job throughout his career when things didn’t work out in the NBA, he didn’t put his head down. He kept working. As a result, he is the one who made the most baskets abroad.”, Harden said in praise of Mike James, according to Tomer Azarly.

“The credit is all his. I congratulate him for his perseverance, for his commitment and for showing guys who don’t make it to the NBA or who don’t have a long tenure in the NBA that they can still have a great career at the professional level and earn a lot of money to support their family. Kudos to Mike James.

James and Harden crossed paths in Brooklyn in 2021, where the current Monaco player averaged 7.7 points, 2.5 rebounds and 4.2 assists in 13 regular season games.

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