Detroit Pistons are mathematically out of the Playoffs

Not that it’s a big surprise, but at game number 63 of the regular season the Detroit Pistons were arithmetically ousted from the Playoffs.. The team of Simone Fontecchio lost to Dallas despite the Italian’s career-high, a result that kept Detroit at 10 wins, the same as the Washington Wizards who had also “snatched” the last Eastern Conference spot from them a few days ago.

So for Fontecchio it will be the second year out of two without Playoffs in the NBA, but he surely would not have reached them even if he had stayed with the Utah Jazz. Still, the Pistons are a young team, with talent ready to blossom for good in the coming years, Cade Cunningham being foremost.

However, the fact that the Pistons are “already” at 10 wins is an achievement that perhaps few expected given the very difficult start, with the record of 28 consecutive games lost within a single season. When by the last day of 2023 they had won their first game in two months, the Pistons were on 3-29. In the next 31 games, they then won as many as seven.

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