From “WHO’S FONTECCHIO?” to ENAMORING for Simo: the story between James Edwards III of The Athletic and Fontecchio

James Edwards III of The Athletic recently wrote that Simone Fontecchio will remain 99.9% with the Detroit Pistons next year.

“Fontecchio will stay unless Detroit puts him in some trade to get some really relevant names. He will still be here next season and that’s fair enough. He’s been impressive this year!” James Edwards III said about Fontecchio.

However, their “relationship” was born about 1 1/2 years ago when Simone was at the beginning of his NBA adventure. In fact, in one of the first games in which the former Baskonia and Alba Berlin was beginning to show off, the Pistons’ Beat Writer himself wrote this way on the social network that was then still called Twitter about a game in which Simo went into double figures precisely against the Motor City team:

Let’s say the world for the 1995 Italian class has changed a lot since that November 24, 2022. Today he is widely regarded as a very good role player or a starter in non-first-tier franchises like this year’s Utah Jazz or Detroit Pistons were.

Now, however, there is a Qualyfing Offer to accept — should he be sent — and it is not a given that this will happen. There is to be said. Fontecchio immediately established a very good relationship with coach Monty Williams and perhaps this could affect his decision whether or not to stay in Detroit…

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