First NBA 2K23 ratings released: Kevin Durant and Klay Thompson make controversy immediately

As every year, they are creating much debate the ratings of NBA 2K23, the “level” from which each player will start in the popular video game coming out in a few weeks. The strongest of all will be Giannis Antetokounmpo with 97, followed by LeBron James, Steph Curry and Kevin Durant at 96. However, the latter himself was not at all satisfied with his rating, and he manifested this on social media. KD wrote directly to the account of Ronnie2K, a personality in charge of promoting the video game on social that has become the reference point in these situations.

According to Durant, he would have deserved a rating of 99: “Hey Ronnie2K, you have to explain to me: why am I not a 99? This is getting ridiculous.”.

As mentioned, Curry received a 96 but, despite winning the title, the Golden State Warriors will have no other players above 85. As for three-point shooting, Steph will have a score of 99: the runner-up, Klay Thompson, will instead have only 85 in long-distance shooting. A score that sent Klay, who returned last year after a two-year absence and still managed to shoot 38.5 percent from three in both the regular season and Playoffs, into a rage. “2K has been a (bleep) since the SEGA Dreamcast! Respect my name!” Thompson wrote in his Instagram stories.

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