Pat Beverley will have a higher rating than Russell Westbrook in NBA 2K23

Pat Beverley showed up at the gym yesterday to “meet” his new teammates at the Los Angeles Lakers. Among them was. Russell Westbrook, one with whom Beverley has quarreled often in his career. The two seem to have made peace, however, and the Lakers’ account posted just one photo of them laughing and joking together.

Who knows, however, that the NBA 2K23 rating, which have already sent Durant and Klay Thompson into a rage, do not unearth some rifts between the two. Accomplice to both his and the Lakers’ extremely bad season, Westbrook has been given a starting rating of just 78. Practically a very normal role player, despite Westbrook’s career boasting an MVP title and nine All Star Game call-ups (the last in 2020). To make matters worse, Russ will start behind his teammate and equal-role player: Beverley in fact had an extra point and will be ranked 79.

The decision by the video game, which also makes these controversies a means of marketing and publicity, immediately sparked discussion: was one very bad season enough to make Beverley a better player than Westbrook?

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