Draymond Green told that Adam Silver convinced him not to retire

In a very short time Draymond Green will return to the field with the Golden State Warriors: It has been almost a month since he punched Jusuf Nurkic, being suspended indefinitely by the NBA. In recent weeks Green, in addition to attending LeBron James’ birthday party, has been following a psychological course that should help him deal with anger. In recent times, in fact, incidents of violence on the court that featured him had become very frequent.

In the coming hours Green will also return in front of a microphone, in a new episode of his podcast “The Draymond Green Show.”. However, Adrian Wojnarowski on ESPN anticipated what will be the player’s most important revelation in this installment, namely that he was close to retirement during this last forced hiatus. Convincing Draymond Green not to retire was reportedly the commissioner Adam Silver, the very one who pushed him into therapy.

“I told Silver: it’s all getting too much for me, I want to retire. He replied: it’s a very impulsive decision, I won’t let you do it. We had a long conversation, which was very helpful. I’m grateful to play in a league with a committee like Adam Silver, who always tries to help you, first helps you and then punishes you. He’s on the side of the players.” recounted Green.

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